People always ask how we started, here is a little insight.

A little insight into Doorways and why we continue to do what we do.

4 years ago myself, Craig Wheatley, Patrick Hall and Tina Hall started Doorways. We started because Patrick felt that our service was needed 7 days a week. He had been volunteering with another group who did 3 nights per week. None of us could commit to 4 nights a week as we all had full time jobs and a family to look after.

We decided to start off by doing 2 nights a week. (Tuesday and Saturdays). In the early days it was a very small gathering with around 30 visitors on a busy night.

Myself and Tina both asked why are we doing this? It seemed like we were feeding the wrong people at the time. Some of the visitors were clearly homeless but others had places to live and were clean and tidy.

As we continued with our nights out the number of visitors grew more and more. ( In fact we now feed around 100 people a night).

They began to trust us and soon realised we were only there to help and support them in any way we could. We never gave up on them, we soon realised that we had become a bit of a foundation for some of them.

In time people started talking to us, they bared their souls and told us their problems.

We never question anyone, we just let them talk to us, as and when they feel ready to do so. Well believe me after hearing some of their stories we soon came to the conclusion that we are in fact feeding the right people.

Some of our visitors have a home and a job but they are single people who can’t make their wage stretch to pay rent, gas, electric, water , tv licience or the general essentials that most of us take for granted.

The most important thing that we at Doorways give out is food, without it we become ill and inevitably die.

We also give friendship and an ear to talk to and guidance into finding the right place to go if they have addictions.

People’s lives can change in an instant, please remember this when your sat in your cosy home with all your nice things and full cupboards and fridges. If a family breaks up one person leaves that relationship, that person then has to fend for themselves and maybe still support the family as well.

Could you do it all and hold everything together when you are possibly at breaking point inside your own head. It’s not easy being in such a vulnerable position.

This is why we are called Doorways Derby helping the vulnerable. This includes anyone who is in need of a little help. We do not judge, we simply help.

Thankyou for reading and thankyou to everyone who helps.

Every life matters.

Be someone who helps somebody.